"Ajay is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. His understanding of the deeper dimensions of asana practice, which pertain to resolving negative karmas, enabling one to become a kinder person, is awe inspiring for such a young teacher. This guru is Mysore's secret treasure and his smile is bigger than a rainbow!" Sharon Gannon, founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method--NYC USA.

sharon gannon, New York, USA


Ajay is a wonderful yoga teacher. He teaches with passion and dedication that can only be described as divinely guided. He is also a great guy with very positive energy that comes through in his teachings. I will always be grateful to him for my beautiful yoga experience in India.

Carmel Noonan


Get website for a great teacher - really enjoyed my time in Mysore with you.

Martin Popplewell

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ajay has a natural gift in his practice and teaching of yoga. Don't let the young face fool you! Like many gifted people, Ajay is beyond his years in many ways. He has advanced the practices of countless people from around the world. He is respectful, professional, and very dedicated. On top of these things, Ajay is a truly wonderful person. You really can't go wrong if you choose to study with him. You'll get tons of adjustments and increase your strentgh and flexibility in no time.

Bridgette Saratoga


I can't thank Ajay enough for his yoga instruction...his years of practice make him an understanding and knowledgeable teacher. In addition, his "ashtanga for everyone" style means that he caters to each student's needs. I highly recommend Ajay!!!

Linda Rettig


Thanks for interesting site. Keep up a great work


Primary series

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying primary series with Ajay. He pays close attention to safety and stresses the importance of proper alignment. His physical adjustments enabled me to understand how to achieve the pose on my own, not just forcing me into the position. He is a great communicator and is able to adapt his teachings to each individual student. I found Sthalam8 to be a very relaxed and positive environment.

Robin Armstrong Ottawa,Canada

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