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At Sthalam8 you can undertake Sanskrit, Yoga Sutra and Bhagvath Gita lessons with one of the most comprehensive and qualified teachers in Mysore. He speaks great English and is able to communicate these complex traditions and knowledge to those who wish to learn.

Biography of a Sanskrit teacher –Sudheera. H.M


Sudheera. H.M. completed his primary and secondary education in birth place, Sringeri where the goddess Sharada dwells. After completing higher secondary education, his mind turned towards divine and richest language, Sanskrit. So he came to Mysore and joined Maharaja Sanskrit College to study Sanskrit in deep. First he completed the preliminary course SAHITYA (which includes Sanskrit grammar, figure of speech, meters etc…) to learn Sanskrit language. After that he decided to learn Sanskrit grammar and took Sanskrit Vyakarana Shastra Vidwat (a Sanskrit degree course) as a specialization. In this course he learnt Paninian grammar works such as Astadhyayi, Mahadhasya, Siddanta Koumudi, Laghu Sabdendu Shekhara and etc…

After completing Sanskrit grammar course in Mysore, he had gone to Tirupati to have some professional education in Sanskrit. He completed bachelor of education and master of education in Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati.

Sharing knowledge is the main aim of education. So he wanted to share his knowledge by doing Sanskrit profession. He had been appointed as assistant main CD making project of RSVP. The project aimed to make a good Sanskrit learning CD for beginning and Sanskrit learner. He worked as a content maker. He prepared content material for stories, situational conversations grammar and articles. Project has been completed and CD has been produced in RSVP.

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