At Sthalam8 we have worked hard to provide you with a friendly, clean open air, shaded rooftop space to relax in after your practice. Sthalam8 also contains an indoor space offering television / DVD’s, games or just a place to relax with friends or a good book. Wireless internet is also available throughout Sthalam8 for those wishing to surf the net.
At the café you can enjoy breakfast from a wide selection of dishes

from fruit salads, cereals, and eggs to juices, lassies, traditional chai and coffee.
In addition to breakfast we also serve healthy lunches, the menu alternates daily between western and Indian foods to suit all tastes.
Friday nights at Sthalam8 is always lively and great fun offering a rotation of movies, Puja, traditional Kirtan or just a comfortable and enjoyable place to meet with friends.

The café offers rooftop views across the local houses and the sacred Chamundi hill where you can often see monkeys playing around being mischievous and jumping the rooftops.
Sthalam8 is open all day Sunday to Friday, where everyone is always welcome to come and relax and be looked after by our friendly staff who will try to meet your every need.


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